Hey guys, I was reading around and found out that supposedly fuzz pedals like to be plugged into the clean channel of an amp...or at least having the amp on clean. Pretty much letting the pedal to dirty up the signal, I know that there are no written rules on this but what do you guys thing? Do you guys like having a clean amp and let the pedal fuzz things up? Or do you like to have the amp dirty and fuzz it up even more?
Fuzz into a clean amp.
I use an OD in front of that sometimes.
In my experience, fuzz pedals only really sound good when the amp is clean. If you turn a fuzz pedal on when the amp is already dirty, it just makes thing very unpleasant, to my ears anyway.

OD pedals is obviously of whole different kettle of fish.
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Overdrive-Fuzz souns good to me. Naturally the amp is going to be distorted, because it's a tube amp, and I prefer to play at high volumes.
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depends. it's going to sound more like an out-and-out square wave fuzz into the clean channel. That may or may not be what you want.
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maybe if the gain is low, but otherwise the sound is too muddy for my taste
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I do OD + Fuzz, and it sounds sick. I'll do clips eventually...you shall see.
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