Hey, thanks for taking the time to read this post, I appreciate it.

Currently I'm working on doing a custom paint job to my stratocaster copy (It's a Cruiser, by Crafter).
That got me thinking though, if this guitar now looks good enough to play, I still can't play it at gigs because it sounds c**p (which is to be expected with stock pickups I guess).

So I'm here seeking guidance in what pickups to buy for this guitar, as I am (to be honest) clueless what to buy to get my sound.

I'm trying to get a sound which is quite bright (like a SG?), but has a fair amount of depth (sorry if that's the wrong term). I'd like the sound quality to be close to that of my Epi Les Paul, but I'd like to keep the cost as low as possible.

I know in order to help me you must know about the music I play; I play a fair amount of AC/DC, Guns 'n' Roses and Bon Jovi.

Thanks for any help you can offer me.

Extra Information
Body looks to be made from white ash. (I may be wrong)
Neck appears to be made from maple. (I may be wrong)
I'm hoping not to exceed £50, I'm 16 I just can't afford a lot until I find a job.
Attached to this thread is an image of my guitar body (before removing finish)
Get some humbuckers in it! maybe a duncan 59?
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I'd check out Irongear and Tonerider pickups for your budget since you're in britland. They're both pretty awesome for the price.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.