Hi guys - would love for you to check out my band, The Undivided.

Tracks from our new EP are available to listen to here:



and you can join us on facebook here:


The Undivided were formed in Early 2009 and are from Abergavenny, Wales. Their music take influences from Placebo, People In Planes, My Vitriol and Biffy Clyro Just to name a few.

The Band Consist Of: -
Joe Disson - Guitar/Vocals
Lewis Bray – Guitar/Vocals
Fergus Gleeson – Bass/Vocals
Rhydian Mason – Drums

After a string of successful shows with bands such as People In Planes, The Last Republic and Tiger Please the band are now gearing up to release their Debut EP ‘Machines’ which will showcase their knack for writing "skyscraper choruses and savvy, bruising power-pop arrangements". With a string of summer dates set to be announced make sure you go and check the band out at a show near you, where you can experience their music live.

Here's what others have said about us: -

"They played with verocity and passion and nothing else. They were simply there, fighting their asses off for audience attention which they got and was well deserved. These guys need to keep working hard, get good, honest productions under their belt and you will be hearing a lot from them in the future". Altsounds 2010

"If Biffy Clyro are this decade's most innovative hardcore-pop combo, then The Undivided are their wide eyed, sledgehammer-hook wielding younger siblings, all skyscraper choruses and savvy, bruising power-pop arrangements. Vocalist Joe Disson is a songwriter of some high esteem, and tracks such as the explosive S.O.S – which recalls a prime time My Vitriol – could, if there is any justice in the world - see their name in MTV2 lights." Surface Unsigned 09
been a while since i updated this! And we've been busy!!!

Back in april we released our single "You & Me" with a DIY video that we shot at a special home-town gig we put on. You can see the results here:


But now we are gearing up to release our new single, "Wasted Time" with our first Professionally-shot HD video!


We will be back in the studio in 2 weeks to record more tracks for a mini-album to be released in October along with a UK tour!

www.facebook.com/theundividedofficial for all the latest updates!
I really like your music, Wasted Time in particular is very good.
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