i currently use a laney lc50 and its not really cutting it when im jamming and soon to be gigging, i will use the laney primarily for practising by myself but then the head and cabinet for gigs/rehearsals

my budget is around about £800 for both the head and cab, i can raise it if needs be,

i play anything from death metal (nile, the black dahlia murder, death,) to stuff like cancer bats/bloodsimple and then i want a pristine clean channel,

i was looking at the mesa boogie dual recitifier, quite expensive compared to others ive looked at but is it worth the extra £££?

ive also considered the marshall jvm410, blackstar series one, peavey 5150/6505,

i realise the price i stated is probably going to lean towards second hand which i am completely fine with,

i also use humbucker pickups which are passive,

all help is much appreciated
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Thats a big ask from an amp on that budget in the UK.
The JVM410H is a brilliant amp regardless of the marshall hate bandwagon here. Watch it though, can get a bit fizzy.
If you can afford a 2 Channel Dual Rec, Go it, It will do everyhting you want there.
If cleans are a must, the 6505/5150 isnt your amp, The +/II has quite passable cleans IMHO, but I would never descrive them as pristine.
As far as a cab goes, cant really go past the Orange PPC212 and PPC412 over there, depending on your preferance. Just a suggestion.
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thats great advice thanks,

so my best bet is to go mesa boogie dual rectifier, will this be able to do classic rock stuff aswell?
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Bugera 333xl.
Brutal gain, sparkling cleans. The head costs 600 dollars.
3 channels. Separate EQs.
Boost switch.
Noise gate.

Check it out. I'm planning on getting it too. :/
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is the jcm 900/800 any good?
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You'll need at least £800 for a head alone, you may be able to pick up a cheap used cab on eBay, there are thousands going cheap on there, don't be restricted to Marshall cabs.

I recommend looking at the ENGL's too, The Ritchie Blackmore signature looks close to your budget.