sooo im bored so lets try a thread!

Post a video that makes you remember of your childhood/makes you feel nostalgic, and tell us why!

System of A Down - Toxicity

I remember back in middle school I was always home alone for like a good hour in the morning and I would always wake up to watch MTV music videos ( this was like 10 years ago mind you). And I remember seeing this at least three times a week and I was like "man these guys are insane(literally crazy)" I wasn't even into rock back then and I just watched MTV so I could see like 50 cent, Eminem videos etc. Ten years later I have almost all their albums and lovin them.

so go ahead!
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stacys mom by fountains of wayne. the reason why is pretty self explanatory if youve seen it

hahaha yeah. I was also waiting for that on MTV music videos in the morning
Dinosaur Jr. - The Wagon

The most 90's video I have ever seen.

And the song itself somehow seems inherently nostalgic to me. Not of anything in particular, but everytime I hear it, I can't help but to think of past times. Mostly traveling with the local skate team to competitions all over the state.

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that song where gwen stafani is on a bed and rolling around...wtf was that video?

anyways....that was what i thought of

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My Chemical Romance- I'm Not Okay

I remember that in my area around 2003-2005, our cable systems used to get FUSE, which was awesome to me, since I had never seen music videos prior to then. I was about 12 or 13 at the time. One day I turned on the tv and that video came on and I had this "What is this?!?!?" moment.
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The most 90's video I have ever seen.

pretty 90's all right. I find this video and song nostalgic for whatever reason, mostly the chorus, it makes me think of being young and thinking how anything could be possible. and it is quite 90'sish as well.
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I clicked the SOAD and Offspring. Youtube says they are no longer available in my country. Now I'm pretty pissed off. I HATE VEVO AND SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT!