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Metal song with a few atmospheric/ambient sections

A bit technical here and there, with a few time signiture changes and polyrhythms

Influenced by the likes of Textures/Tesseract/Meshuggah etc...

Hope you enjoy

Leave some crit and ill do my best to get back to you!

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writing as i listen.

I like the use of the synth.The drums and guitar all match in rhythm.
again, real good use of the synth.
nice clean cut into guitar 1 and 2's measures, i get a "cowboys from hell" vibe about 60% in.
on line 90 i think your asking for a little too much sustain for those powerchords.
around 75% in i like the nice lines you gave guitar 3 . the time from 150 to 157 was a little to long for me. and the ending cut it off nicely, i kinda wished you used the strings more in the middle or end of the song.
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