i think i know what scooping the mids is but i would like some clarification.

What does scooping the mids mean?

And i keep hearing NEVER scoop the mids.So what are the dangers in doing so(in a recording situation)?
It means leaving the mids out. So bass and treble higher than mids on the settings.

It can make your tone sound shrill and thin without mids.
You know how you have three equalizer knobs on an amp or mixer set up like this:

Bass - Mid - Treble

Scooping the mids is cranking the bass and treble as high as they'll go, and turning the mids as low as they'll go.

It's something a lot of people find robs a lot of fullness from your tone. Personally, I like my mids high.
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its a term meaning to lower the mids making the lows and high's more dominant.
Dimebag always had the mid set to a low "3" or just off.
its nice to have the sharp/shrill sound when playing metal, especially in pentatonic licks.
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Basically, when you scoop the mids, you take the balls out of your guitar.

Don't neuter your guitar, keep your mids in there.
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Most of the sound from a guitar comes from the mid freqencies. It makes no sense to scoop them. When I first started playing metal I scooped the mids because people told me thats what people did....but nowadays I can't stand it. I usually have my mids at around 11-3 o'clock.
Scooping mids can make your guitar sound dull and lifeless, but in terms of other instruments it can make the sound much less cluttered. Don't apply the idea of not scooping mids to everything, it's generally just that when playing metal most people tend to have the idea that scooping the mids will be of benefit, which it can be with some setups, but it's not really a hard and fast rule.
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