New Cab Day in the AM, and I am Excited!

Having fun, getting ready for my new 1x12 Celestion Blue Z-Cab in Black -n- Tan, to arrive at the house.
I think Tuesday will be my lucky day.

Went to GC today and grabbed 2 matching Speaker Cables. I went with these...
I might have been able to get away with 6', but thought 10' would give me more options on speaker placement down the line.

Then I was considering how much extra resistance a 10' cable might offer, -vs- a 6' cable? Probably not enough to worry about.

In the end, I went for the 10's.

I cleared out the Flextone III stuff, to the other end of the basement...
And gave my old tube amp a better spot...

One wide angle shot of the 'Favorite area of my house' in full glory!

I love my setup, and will love it even more Tuesday!
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not to burst your bubble but threads like this usually get closed. it ain't HCAF.

good on you, HNCD


Educate me. What is HCAF?

Just wanted to talk some gear, with other Guitar enthusiasts.
Heck, I am considering making the Official Maz Jr thread here.
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Harmony Central Amp Forum.

Pros: Lots of threads to spam in and lots of clips that come in.
Cons: Lots of spam and people start New Amp Day threads sometimes weeks even months before they actually have the gear

I know you are a Dr. Z enthusiast. What we COULD use is a 'Only Dr Z Thread' for all things Dr Z. Amps, cabs, brake, etc.

There is a list of example threads like that in the 'Banned threads and a list of good ones' which is in the Stickies.

There is also a new rule about New Gear Day threads (also in the Stickies) so I'm just lookin' out for ya - I have nothing against you or Dr Z. Played the Maz Sr 38 once and thought it had a lot of mojo.

PS: glad you were able to make a speaker decision and I'm somewhat digging your mancave there
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Secks. That is all.
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I am looking forward to seeing how my 2 'mid-range heavy', 'lots of bass', 'snappy response' 10's sound together, with a 'shimmering top end', 'rich but maybe a tad loose bottom end' of the Blue.

I can always fire up my 6V6 amp too, but am ashamed to say that I only have a Celestion Rocket 50 in there... Gasp!

That puppy could use an upgrade.
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My new Dr Z Convertible Cab was delivered at 2:00PM today.
It has a very solid feel to it, and no dings of any kind were present on the Tolex.
The removable panel has 6 machine screws, that can be easily removed.
It's not quite as open as a 'dedicated open back Cab', but considering you have the option to convert it back over to a closed back Cab, I still consider it a nice feature.

I opted to run with the panel off, to let the Blue breathe a bit...

I also verified that the Blue was from Ipswich England.

Set her up, and plugged er in...

So I was reading about how to properly break in a Speaker...
And at a site talking about the Chinese made Vox Blue, it had this info posted:
From Celestion's website:
"How do I break in my speakers?

Important Note! Before breaking it in it's advisable to "warm up" the speaker gently for a few minutes with low-level playing or background hum.

Break in a speaker with a fat, clean tone: turn up the power amp volume to full, and control the level with the preamp gain. Use a level that will be quite loud, but not painful in a normal size room.

Have the bass and mid up full, and the treble at least half. On your guitar, use the middle pick up position (if your guitar has more than one pick up) and play for 10-15 minutes using lots of open chords, and chunky percussive playing. This will get the cone moving, and should excite all the cone modes and get everything to settle in nicely. The speaker will continue to mature over the years, but this will get it 95% of the way to tonal perfection in the shortest time".

Never heard that before, but I think I will try that procedure on my Blue.
I know I can coax a fat, clean tone out of my Les Paul and Maz Jr.

I changed my Brake-Lite over to the 4 ohm out on the back of the head, due to me now running (2) 8 ohm Cabs in parallel. I also set the Brake-Lite to 0 allowing all the watts to flow. (The Dr says the Maz 18 Jr actually makes about 22 watts of power.)
Next I set the Bass and Treble to full on, Middle 50%...
Then I warmed the speaker up for 15 minutes with low, clean playing. (Sounds sweet with outstanding highs.)

Then, still keeping it clean, I went for some higher volume. (I love it, and can hear the Blue for sure.)

The Blue will still be breaking in for some time, but I can tell right off that the Dr's 10's, and the 12" Blue do indeed have different voicings. I think that they should compliment each other nicely.

As to my question as to what Cab is louder, I am going with the 2x10's, but not by much.
The new look of my ManCave: Z ZZ

Even standing with my head right between the 2 Cabs, it is hard to pick the loudest. :P (The frequency your currently playing might also be a factor?)

So far, I love the Cab, and the Blue.
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Sweet man! Congrats!
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So what do you guys think about a well broke-in Blue?

I know they do well with the clean sounds, but what about distorted...

Any firm believers in 'running more than one type of speaker, usually will result in a fuller sound'?

This will be the first time I have run two cabs, and 2 different type of speakers. So far, I am feeling positive about it.
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