I am trying to make a template for a new custom pickguard. Being an engineer, I would like to do this in AutoCAD or some kind of computer drawing software. Also, the changes I am making to the standard Strat SSS pickguard are fairly extensive.

I can't do this from scratch - I would need a CAD drawing of my current, everyday 11-hole strat pickguard. I would then edit the drawing to represent the changes I want to make and send the drawing to the shop doing the work. Does anyone know where I can get a CAD drawing? Google seems to suggest this method is not uncommon, but I am having trouble finding where to download the files.

Maybe AutoCAD is the wrong way to go about this? I could always just Sharpie my current pickguard, scan it, and email it to the shop.

Anyone with experience want to share their story?
Well, if that shop actually sells custom pickguards then it would be better to just sharpie the way out and send them a template even if it´s not full size as long as they get the idea it will be fine c:
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