So I live in a college dorm now and have to practice with USB interface into Amplitube 3. The interface I use is Yamaha Audiogram 3 and my monitor is a headphone.

Now since I'm learning by ear, does anyone know how to hear itunes/winamp and Amplitube 3 at the same time?
raise the itunes volume, lower the amplitude/ur guitar's volume.

I go guitar-multi effx- adapter-mic input, so i can adjust both winamp and the mic volume.
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Thanks for the input, but Amplitube uses ASIO output while itunes uses some other stuff, but yeah, to clarify, I am looking for a solution so that itunes/winamp will also use the same output.
in winamp, go to options, and under the output plugin hit the device and click configure. change from whatever it is to your yamaha interface.

this is what i do with my podXT
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