So I just picked up Sonar 8 Producer Edition. Pretty stoked about that, even though I've got no clue what I'm doing yet. Problem is it's not picking up my MIDI controllers. I'm using an Akai LPK25 and and an Akai LPD8 if it makes a difference (both USB). Anyone care to shed some light on this for me? And if you've got any tips, send those my way too. Cheers folks!

Edit: Furthermore, it's not picking up any MIDI Ins or Outs. Help once again
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When you fire up the program for the first time it should prompt you for a MIDI device choice however if you missed that go to the following:

Options > MIDI Devices
Check the box next to each device you want to use.

Options > Global > MIDI (Tab)
Set the playback buffer, I keep mine at 220

Options > Audio
Set the audio buffer
I keep mine around 13ms

S8P is an oustanding piece of software, I still use it in my studio all the time.
Once you learn all the basics it will be fun and easy to use. Then you can move on to all the advanced features...and there are plenty of those to mess around with!
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