i'm about to upgrade my guitar effect this week so i got no idea which multieffect should i get? Boss ME-25 or VOX tonelab st ???
for me recording is much more important compare to live performing,, i don't own a good sound card so i expect the effect to have an usb connector for high quality recording which both of them have. and about the price, i think these are the best effects i can get with my budget.
so the questions are:
1-which one has better tone for recording?
2-which one gives me the higher quality while recording?

any other advices,,, i appreciate that..
A buddy of mine picked up both an ST and an ME for $125 each used. He offered to sell me the ST for $125, but I declined and told him I'd take the ME for that price if he decides to sell. Both are good sounding units, but the freeze function on the ME had me sold. Also I don't believe the ST has a looper, but the ME does.

I'm pretty sure the ST records 16bit through USB from asking on another forum. I'm not sure about the ME. For some reason both companies claim 24 D/A but neither specifically state specs for USB sample size. In some respects I'd say that Vox is blantant liars for claiming 24 bit sample size while neglecting to say that the USB is only 16 bit (if my sources are correct). Boss may be guilty of the same thing.
The A/D & D/A of the Vox ToneLab ST is 24 bit. I read the manual and it didn't say anything about the USB transfer.