I've got a really nice 2008 Seagull acoustic guitar, its the concert grand model. It's a great acoustic guitar, but I'm not much of an acoustic player. It's parlor sized, but it really doesn't sound small in any way. Both the case and the guitar are in great condition. I have played the guitar maybe 20 times at the most in the past two years, so its in "like new" condition. The case is a TKL hard case in awesome condition; the only flaws being two of the copper pegs on the outside having a little green corrosion on them and a little tarnish on the rest of the copper. It still has that awesome new guitar smell when you open the case. All of the tags for the guitar and case are included as is a Oasis OH-1 humidifier. I'll also throw in a full bottle of lemon oil to keep the neck looking good.

I'm asking for $400+shipping, but I might be tempted to trade for a Mexican Strat (preferably HSS) in good condition with at least a gig bag. Normally these guitars go for $400 new, and the case goes for $100 so you can save yourself $100 without having to sacrifice that new guitar feel.