Picked up a Fender Jag-Stang the other day. The guy I got it from had installed a Seymour Duncan Invader pickup in it which I can't stand. I have the original humbucker to put in, but I've decided to throw this gibson humbucker that I took out of my studio lite into it. It is a 500T. I'm having trouble figuring out where to solder the shield to. It's just one "hot" wire and the shield needs to be grounded, but the jag-stang is a little tricky with the phase switches. Any ideas as to where to solder it to would be very helpful. Here's a link to the jag-stang schematics:
looks like youd solder it to the top middle 2 lugs f the switch on the right (as looking at it from the top).

you probably dont want to do this. the shield is basically for picking up noise and keeping it out of the signal. when you flip that phase switch all the noise is injected straight into the signal, and touching the cover or mounting screws of the 500t will create an extremely loud buzz.
so do you think i should just ditch the idea of putting the 500T in it and just put the stock back in? I want to eventually put a JB in it, I'm just waiting to get some extra cash.
well it'd be easier. idk what style you play but you may not like the cleans f the 500t anyway. its a fairly dark and almost muddy pickup. putting the coils in paralell drastically improves this, but if you want to do any sort of fancy wiring yu'd have to take the pup apart and rewire it internally. i do not recomend this unless you are experienced with pickup surgery.