Usually I just come up with a bunch of random riffs that span a few measures. I've always had trouble joining them into something larger and more meaningful. This is honestly the first attempt at a full song that I've made. Just looking for some critique and/or advice. FYI I know virtually no theory, so this is all pretty much thought up/eared out or whatever you want to call it. P.S. I realize the solo is really cheap and crappy. I'm not much into writing solos. At least at this point. This song is heavily influenced by Protest the Hero and August Burns Red, 2 of my favorite modern bands.
Song 1.gp5
I like the first riff couple of riffs alot, but the riff at measure 42 sounds horrible
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Become a mathcore writer. Now. Keep this up, stay to your style and you'll eventually figure it out. This can turn into something great. You have my 100% support.
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Put a MIDI version up. I don't have Guitar Pro
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first of all , how can you call this a full song when you only have 2 guitars ? , anyway i think you would be better of some time's not knowing theory when writing music than when you do , cuz it can restrict you in certain ways if you dont know how to handle it , anyway as for the song , i dunno i dont wanna be harsh but most of it sounded generic and not memorable , anyway if you'd add some layers ( drums , bass etc ) it might become good if done right , so keep it up.
Thanks for the comments so far. Also, I probably should have mentioned this in the beginning, but I don't play any instruments besides guitar, so I don't have the ability to really add any other instruments in the tab and make it sound like I know what I'm doing.

I also uploaded the MIDI for those who don't have GP.
Song 1.mid
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