I've been working on something and was hoping to get some opinions on how it is coming along so far. Just tell me what you guys think and if there are any huge glaring problems with it. It is in my profile, its the one called checking.
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The strings sounded really cool. Though it felt as less of just its own thing, as much as an intro for something, perhaps like a metalcoreish song(sorry if you take that as an attack on your person, as I know lots of people here have a burning hatred for it) or something really brutal. I like what you did with this, and made a standard progression sound nice and fresh.
Pretty Cool, I like it. It has a lot of atmosphere. The sound is good, too.
Don't change anything for this part.
Nice strings, I like it. Good atmosphere, it's thought provoking. How did you get the strings done? Keep working at it, I agree with one of the users above me, add some folk instruments if that's your thing. Good job!

Crit my song? It's pretty weird, I don't know if you'll like it. Here it is https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1359512
Very soothing, but short and incomplete at the same time. Definantly agree with the user who said it should break into something more upbeat, sounds classical and epic so far though!
My favorite part is the lower/mid harmonies. They really make the sound jump out at you. If you want to do only strings in the song, I recommend switching to double time right about where this piece ends. It sounds great though! Can you PM me your recording setup? Thanks.
The string arrangement is very good. There's not really much crit I can give you based on what's here. It's fine as it is if you ask me.

Like others said, the only thing I could think of is either coming up with an ending to it or using it as an intro (or maybe outro) to a complete song.

I look forward to hearing more from you.
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I like - it sounds like the beginning to something huge! Nothing much more I can say, other than it sounds like a solid beginning - I'd be interested to see where you go with this piece - sounds like you have a really good idea there, just begging to get out. Let me know when it's done!

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Hey, as other people have said, this sounds like a good beginning to something. Some of the changes seem abrupt in that they drop off drastically. I really like your samples, though, what are they? The arrangement is quite good, I got a lot of depth from it. Keep it up, I'd like to see what this grows into when you're done.
damn, awesome man. It's pretty good as it is now but it would be even greater with some piano and other orchestra elements like choirs and whatnot. Really depressing and melancholic-ish. I noticed that your other songs is pretty much the same, and you don't have favorite artists listed so I don't know what's your intention in making this...like an intro to a metal-ish song or a soundtrack like piece. Either way would work imo...

I don't make a lot of music like this but you could check "At Heaven's Gates" in my profile, it's kinda soundtrack like ;D
Thanks for the advice everyone. I might be adding more instruments like brass or woodwinds or I might keep it at just strings. Not quite to sure yet on that. The piece is going to stay classicaly orientated throughout. I'm using it as a submission for a composition program for college and I don't know how much they would like it if it burst out into a death metal song :P The samples that I used are called LA scoring strings. Thanks for the kind words everyone and I will definitely take every ones advice into account.
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pretty good my friend...
the whole thing was theoretically correct i guess
what software did you use?
oh and yeah going on for another minute or two would get it boring already... and stressing...
still think of adding some new textures

oh and imo it could bea nice intro to metal song (A7X anybody?)

crit mine
Very soft and soothing, but very epic at the same time. Really great strings and It should definately break into something upbeat and heavy, would work really well IMO.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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I really like the strings. They add so much emotion to a piece. It has lots of potential and you can definitely do more with this.
Hey man, terribly sorry for this ridiculously late crit!

This was very relaxing, and it sounded like it might as an intro to a progressive-y piece if you desired - or if you played your cards right, I think you could pull off an entire song of it. It's honestly too early to tell with what you've got, though. With a defined structure and the use of tension and buildups I could see this becoming a good instrumental, atmospheric piece.

My $.02 is to expand what you've got into an all string instrumental.