Been learning a lot of music theory lately, and after a while I got thinking, should I start learning piano?

Now that I know a bit how music works and how the notes on a piano are nicely lined, I don't think it would take me too long to pick up piano. Also the fact that we already have a real piano at home since my sister plays.

How many of you guys play piano and guitar?
Do it. It can only help.

But you won't pick it up easy. It'll still take awhile for you to get used to the hand movements and stuff.

For reference, I've been playing guitar 3 1/2 years, and, if I could, I'd go back and play piano instead.
Playing Piano is a really good complement to playing guitar because it will make you look at music from another perspective. A lot of guitarrists tend to look at things graphically in the fretboard and learning piano will open more your ears and looking at stuff graphically at a piano is way easier. When I teach some theory to students that are starting with guitar, I teach them some concepts in the piano because it is easier to understand (I belief) and harmonically it is really helpfull.

For example the vast majority of chords you learn first in guitar are inversions of triads , while the ones you learn first in piano are the fundamental chords so when learning harmony I believe it is easier to learn it with the piano and then move it to the guitar.

Apart from the visual, harmonic and the ear developing that the piano will give, your phrasing will be different. Also Thom Yorke says that he composes from the piano because it is a "weird" instrument to him so he guides more from his ear rather than from certain patterns that whe tend to get fixed as guitar players.
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Getting lessons is the best thing you can do, with any instrument as someone else is sharing their experience, what they know and what is more or less correct with you

I always remembered from my 3 years of piano, that good technique is being able to balance a coin on your hand while you play, and a lot of self-taught pianists shortcut in terms of proper hand movement etc. and end up hindering their potential
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Yeah, definatley go for it, I never regreted it, it teaches you a lot of theory and helps your guitar playing a lot.