i'm looking to upgrade my amp soon, but i don't know what to get. right now i have a peavey vypyr, and i'm trying to get away from all the digital crap and get a tube amp, or a nice solid state if it exists. my budget would be $600 or so at the most. i'm interested in a peavey 6505 combo, as well as some half stacks: blackstar ht-5, randall rx120rh (solid state, i know), marshall mg100hfx. i would need something that is good for practicing and eventually recording and gigs. i also want something that has good distortion without needing a pedal, but i'll get a pedal if i need to. i play hard rock, metalcore, heavy metal kind of stuff, so i'm not too concerned with a good clean channel, just badass distortion. thanks.
Peavey 6505+ combo
used Marshall JCM2000 DSL combo
Bugera 6262 combo

Also, for the love of God, DON'T GET THE MG.
haha, i've heard not to get the MG alot, not sure why i included it. anyway, this 6505 is sounding better and better. it seems like it would definitely be the better amp. thanks for the confidence boost guys.
No worries mate. I own one and I can honestly say for the money it's one of the best metal amps you can get. I play everything from post hardcore to punk rock to metal and it does all nicely