Ok. Since l was 11 I've tried playing guitar and I've always felt like I was doing something wrong and I quit many times. Two years ago I found out that the action on the acoustic guitar I had was too high and that I needed a new guitar. Earlier this year a bought an electric (a schecter omen) and I've progressed a little, learning chords and stuff.

But now I have a new problem as I'm trying lead guitar: no matter how I try I can't seem to feel comfortable holding the guitar and when I play notes any lower than the fifth fret (towards the head) on the b string, my fingers always touch the high e string and its very fustrating because I'm sure its not supposed to.

I'm a girl with weak, bony and short fingers. Help?
umm... arch your fingers and use the tips of them to fret a not....thats all i can say lol
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