hey everybody! i finally got my unban
so here i am with my new album.. which has got one song left yet
it's all instrumental and psycho prog metal

ive got 7 songs.. listen to any of those at myspace page www.myspace.com/vshred

ok now listen to any of the songs (the intro song doesnt count :p ) and crit it... then give me the link to your song to crit

Boomerang Death has a really cool intro riff. The riff right after is incredibly stock(unoriginal and used) though. Then the heavy part sounds cool right after. The leads on it sound really nice too. The next part has some really cool leads. It sounds like you used octaves on the main riff. Then you get into what sounds like a solo, and you got some chops, but could use a little more gain on your tone for it. Then a REALLY cool riff comes into play, and it catches my attention a lot more then the other two. But you kinda go on with the same thing for a bit too long. Then another stockish riff comes in, though more interesting then the last stock riff. then theres some cleans, which sound cool. Then i think distorted doubles them, which didn't sound very good. Then a heavy bit for like a few bars, which sounded cool. Then another solo, which sounded good, but tone again, not lovin the tone. When you started using the whammy, it started to sound weak.
Moleculized Sausages: badass intro bro, I love it, it's fast and everything Wow now it's all over, you got the wah pedal going. Ahh a drum beat, dude I would suggest that you put the drums higher in the mix, haha I like what you're doing with the guitar now. It's sorta bucketheadish mixed with Tom Morello. Which is a pretty good thing It goes on for a while, until you get vocals on it, I'm a bit inclined to say that this part sounds a bit repetitive, the weird guitar part thing. Ahh solo time, haha it sounds so weird, its awesome! Nice playing dude, I can tell you're talented. Yeah this part is very buckethead, wow you're doing crazy effects and stuff, I wonder how, I wish I could do those. Ahh back into a riff, good good. I like how this is sounding, Ah at about 3 25, chords come in and I think it could make a great chorus, it certainly has the makings of a chorus. I love this part. I like the next part too, the solo, again great playing man. It's some nice melodic shredding, I like that I love your uses of effects man, very well done. I love where the song goes at about 4 43, great great stuff. Good job on the song man! It just could be mixed better but songwriting-wise, it really did keep me interested!

Thanks for the critique btw! Appreciate it
I'm curious if you currently live in the USA or Armenia. Which state is Hell in? I've been in Hell (it's real name!) in Grand Cayman. Listening now. Good intro song. "Disembodied": is that a whammy pedal you're using at times? Good guitar playing! I think sometimes it would make things sound fuller if you double-track some of the guitar and pan it left & right. Good recordings. I know a few Armenians. Including a former news reporter woman from Armenia. I work near Glendale, California (and you know what that means). "Boomerang" sounds good too man! Keep rocking man!
Hey guys thanx a lot for the critiques!!! awesome

@ Aaron.. hey acutally call me V
hmm well i live in armenian and the hell is just a joke somesorta haha
however yeah i know the Glendale thing but i nkow noone fromthere.. i know some guys from Encino.. armenians but =]
The riff at the start of Boomerang Death is very very nice. Some really coool lead lines and solo skills there - good playing. I agree with whats been said about adding gain to your tone though mind, it would sound much better. Your tone really needs more work than anything else, more mids I think. Some really cool riffs and stuff though
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Your riffs are good. High energy and well played. They got repetitive though, even with as often as you changed riffs. Try introducing a well developed melody over them vocal or instrumental. Doing so will allow you to get a lot more millage out of the riffs instead of having to use a dozen of them to keep it interesting.

Definitely invest in a guitar with at least one humbucker. I saw you mentioned Schecter. I have the C1+, great guitar. I highly recommend going with something from them.

Over all I liked the main solo, and enjoyed hearing your song. The Drums were great! Keep it up!

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Hey!! thanx errmm yeah i am wantign a schecter... i think damiene elite FR as i need FR and humbuckers... that oen looks pretty much good
and well can you tell me about it's weight and neck??? i havent played any for like years.... and the one was introduced in 2010 so.... no schecters in my current location! might be buying from USA.. and it's kinda blind purchase.. might ask my dad to check it but.. still

so yeah!! can anybody tell me about the neck??!!!

oh and my net sux atm.. .they're doing something with it (called em) so i'll check it asap
I listened to disembodied flier which was really good except that near the end it started to drag on a bit. The part with the harmonics (?) near the end seemed unnecessary and maybe could be replaced with something else. All in all good song though.
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Listening to Deadmans Dream.

Feel like the guitar is way too loud in the mix, drums too far back. Like the whammy bar (chorus?) part. Not digging the main riff before it as much. Really like this new section, (more whammy?) at about 1:45 ish or so. Solo is pretty good, nice runs and stuff, feel like the tone is a bit muffled, and didn't really do it justice and makes it sound a but too fuzzy and sloppy. Cool part after that. Liking this second solo around 3:30. Some bum notes here and there, also feel like the phrasing is getting a bit repetitive with the runs. Really like when it gets more emotional with the bends you use, I'd try to throw more of them in with that particular solo. Breakdown part is pretty cool, really hearing vocals over it. More cool whammy. Really digging that.

Overall, it's real cool. Feel like it could be better mixed for the most part, and maybe a better tone for some of the leads. Other than that really cool, hope some contructive crit's can help you make it even better. I dig it!
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thanx sjones
a really deep critique...
yeah im not satisfied with my tone.. specially the heavy tone.. as mentioned below im using singlecoils...

i havent done much of the mastering on this one... finished recording it today so i just uploaded it to see what ppl think about.. might pay attention to the drusm and everythign u said

I checked out some of your tunes. I felt like they're a little too droning for my taste, some of it was well played, but honestly parts of it sounded a tad sloppy to me, maybe it was just me though.

Decent quality for doing it yourself, I suppose?
Checked your stuff out. A lot of parts really sound sloppy. Guitar Tones are bad. Not properly produced.

Imo single coils can handle heavy sounds Check out my album in my post. The song god is monkey and monkey is cool has a heavy tone in it. Played on a Standard Strat. Its just how you set your tones.

Leave a comment if you like it or even if you Dont :P