Seagull for $200? Can't really go wrong.
- Art & Lutherie Cedar CW (SOLD! )
- Martin D-16RGT w/ LR Baggs M1 Active Soundhole Pickup
- Seagull 25th Anniversary Flame Maple w/ LR Baggs Micro EQ

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friendly price, and worth checking out if you're on a budget. i'd look for any signs of the guitar having been dried out - small hard to spot cracks in particular. also check for any buzzing coming from inside the guitar, and make sure the heel has no space between it and the guitar - same for all the guitar's joints.

with 10 year old strings you won't be able to tell much soundwise. unless you're in a very dry place, 10 year old strings have rust and corrosion that can hurt your fingertips, so start playing with care. i helped a buddy check out a guitar that had been cased for years and cut one of the fingertips on my left hand.

hopefully it'll be in great shape and you'll be posting a NGD thread soon