I have an explorer with a bolt on neck, and I was wondering if it were possbile to mount a schaller strap locking stubs on one of the neck bolts? or should I drill a hole somewhere on that bolt on plate?
my buddy has a jackson rr3 and the strap button is on the top right screw the neck plate, i cant see why you couldnt use a schaller straplock on it, you may have to drill the straplock button out though cause neck screws have a tendancy to be much bigger than strap button screws
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I think the screw head is way too big. Drilling out the button might remedy this, but I think you risk removing too much material, and since the Schaller locks work via a locking pin entering the button from the end, it'll surely rattle around quite a lot..
Solution! Convert it to a set neck, fill the screw holes, and then put your button wherever you want!
you guys are right about the screw head, Schaller's is 6mm and the neck's screw head is 10mm (yeah, well look at that, no Imperial units)

what do you mean by drilling out the button, Pikka Bird?
Solution: Drill a new hole for the strap button on the upper shoulder of the guitar.
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