How loud is 80 Db?

To what volume level on the Peavey Vypyr 30w do 80 Db correspond to?
Eighty decibels is about the same volume as the average human voice when talking. For a mid-power amp with a small speaker, that relates to the first 15% or so of the volume control. Depends on the exact nature of the amp, how close you are to it, etc.

Typically you should never go past 90Db at home (this is the point where it can permanently damage your hearing if you listen at this volume for a long time - it's also the point in most countries where you can be arrested), which relates to about 1/2 to 2/3rds of the maximum volume for a typical small combo amp. Actual arena or stadium concerts tend to be around the 110Db-120Db range. 140Db is where you will suffer permanent hearing loss even from short exposure and even if you have protection. Once you get a bit louder than that you're going to be deafened outright.
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What Flibs said. 80 is low, but almost every amp has the potential of going much louder.
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