i've bought a couple B stock guitars, and never had a problem. my seagull coastline cedar grand was B stock for cosmetic reasons, and i saved about 30%, which seemed good to me. other than that, it was a great guitar, but i'm not sure if it was ever warranteed since it was B stock. i never bought those B stock models that have USED stamped on the headstock, though - i might if the discount was deep enough, but considering those also have no warranty, i haven't found the deals good enough to tempt me.

i just ordered a lower end drum module as i had given up drumming when i hurt my shoulder, but have started to drum again and had sold my module. the store had some B stock models coming in soon, and when i wrote and asked if they would be warranteed, they said the units had a full manufacturer's warranty from roland. they were clear that they were not used or demos, but had issues like cosmetic defects, so i was happy to save $120 and pre-ordered one.

wondering what your experience with B stock is.
I actually have a B stock Guild CO-2. It has 'USED' stamped on the back of the headstock, but for the deal that I got it for, there was no way I could pass up the deal. I work in the store that I got it at, so I got an amazing deal.
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I don't really have any experience with B-stock items, but it wouldn't bother me to get something that is B-stock. Cosmetic, as long as it is real bad, wouldn't bother me. I would like the saving that can be had.
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