i can play a few songs, and i know a few chords but whats a good website or a book/video that will show me like chords, scales, modes, etc???

try the jamplay free trial.
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Youtube is good for that kind of stuff. Lots of videos showing chords and scales.
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I find www.gosk.com to destroy everything else. There's no bloat, it's simple and straight to the point. It has lots of chords, the variations of those chords, what mode/scale they fit with. It also has scales in many different positions, all the modes, and the chords they fit over. And to cap it all off, they have a few arpeggios if you want to learn some sweeping, but not that many.

It's way better than youtube.
I have an amazing idea: get a teacher.
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I have an amazing idea: get a teacher.

if there were a teacher in this town..i probobly would, but there isnt.
There is this book called Rock Guitar for Dummies. It is written by the guy from Supertramp (I can't remember his name right now). It explains scales, bar chords, power chords, etc. and gives real examples to play along to.

Great book. You can probably find it at Amazon.

Youtube is also a gr8 resource.