I just got my M-Audio Fast Track Pro and been experimenting with it, running through Amplitube 3. Haven't been able to mic up my amp yet, so everything was done through amplitube.

Have recorded covers of Under The Bridge by RHCP and also Welcome To The Jungle by G'N'R using backing tracks, both in profile.

Welcome to the Jungle is a bit sloppy, I'm aware some parts are out of time, that was due to ACID 4 being a useless piece of crap, and that was just screwing around at 3am trying to figure out how to use the interface lol

Under The Bridge I recorded today, turned out a little better than WttJ.

Songs both in profile... let me know what you think?
Under the Bridge sounds okay, it's the only one I listened to because I despise GnR. It could definitely use some work. I like the tone though. It sounded like you have a lot of trouble with the hammerons and pulloffs. There were also just a few little notes missing here and there it seemed but nothing that can't be fixed with practice. 3/5.
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It wasn't trouble, I had the noise gate turned up REALLY high because I was getting a ton of hum and buzz and it was killing some of the notes.
I think it'll sound a lot better when I actually mic up my amp and am not just playing it through amp presets on the computer. Thanks for the advice =]
very very very very very good rhcp cover
i to hate gnr so i wont bother listening to it lol
but it sounded like john playing live
it was spot on
Under the Bridge was good. I really like your Welcome to the Jungle cover, and that's good from me, lol, because as much as I love GnR, that is the most overplayed song in history...well, maybe Stairway to Heaven. But regardless. Great Job.
Thanks for the positive comments guys =] I put a new version up, I did vocals as well on the new one. Comments welcome, but be nice... I just got absolutely carved up over my cover of Otherside and am feeling a bit fragile atm... lol