What I like:the riffs and the Vader-esque vocals,the tempo
what I don't like: over doing the double bass pedal sections,a few more simpler beats here and there would make it a bot better.
I really liked it,sounds kinda like My Dying Bride -A Chapter In Loathing which is great.Are the vocals intentionally modeled on Wiwczarek from Vader or is it an coincidence?
No, quite surprised at the comparison. Glad that some of it was to your liking though, and thanks again for listening!
Not some of it,the better part of it!And if I was a in a better mood I'd say all of it!I would definitely like to hear more,so if you record more please post it or send a link to my profile.
I would normally talk a bit about the production but today you can get a solid sounding recording for under 500$ but I will say that the mix is nice.
Thanks there! Visited the QS page, Ashes is cool and Preview's got really great riffage, licks, and leads! Now add some vox...


PS: There are currently more songs available on myspace.com/maloert, use the soundcloud player at the top.
Thanks man, I'm looking around for a full line up just now so hopefully have some full tracks with vocals up before the end of the year!
Top lel.