Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knew effects similar to Lifeson's that are affordable, lol. Is there anything close because I know most of his stuff is rackmounted and it is very expensive. If anyone knows anything that is close to his chorus/flange/distortion, that is affordable please let me know, thanks guys!
Unfortunately for Rush fans, not only does Alex Lifeson use a variety of very expensive guitars, amps and effects; he switches them constantly. For everything up through Permanent Waves, you'll need a good chorus. Lifeson's chorused tone comes from a Roland Jazz Chorus 2x12 amp, so a Boss or MXR would be a good choice. For a delay, take a look at the various offerings from DigiTech and Boss. They might not be on the same level as Alex's T.C. Electronics delay, but they should do.

Perhaps the cheapest of Lifeson's effects are his Dunlop volume pedal and his Behringer V-Amp. He uses a T.C. Electronics Spatial Expander, so the Aphex Aural Exciter (rack or pedal) would be a reasonable substitute.
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