how would you play that slide to the 18?
All that is indicating is that you slide into the note. It doesn't really matter from where.
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i recommend that as soon as u leave from the first phrase slide with ur pinky all the way down. ive been a pinky player for four years now and i cant stand not using it
On the second "7-9-10" slide your index to the 10th then play the 13th,12,10th on the 1st string. Hardly any movement at all! =D
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^^^ Whoever wrote that tab doesn't know the neck very well. It's pretty clear. Playing that fast with having to move over that far is a hinderance and the 18-17-15 on the second can be moved over and down to the first (13 - 12 - 10) where it can be played faster and is easily accesible to the player.
Everything is divisible by metal- Michael Angel Batio