beer, f*ck me
walk that room
get me some coffee
cause you don't know
why I'm sitting here
writing these words
silent observant
seer, wise
knowledge of the world
the gears that turn
the words that are hollow
ring out
in this room

it's so full
of people
so falsely happy
I do not scorn them,
confuse them
truth speaks louder
when it does not speak
at all
I live out what I mean
to see
it does not mean happy
it means, truth, to me

kiss yourself, darling,
see how it feels
out of the corner of an eye
break through the wall
cause there is no door
however, the window
is unlocked and open
a burglar could steal
all he desires
but safety precaution
and bohemian construction
keeps everything

lucky lucky
it has no side
takes no names
and leaves no prisoners
gaze through the hole
be strange and be lame
they'll look at you that way
newspapers will preach
your insectual habits
finish that coffee
get up and go pee
they'll know what the see
oh lucky thirteen