This is the song I put up for the PHC contest that failed epically. The song itself may sound a bit pop-ier then regular PHC, but with the right whiny vocals and screams I'm sure it qualifies. It is also somewhat more technical then my earlier pieces, but i can assure everyone that this is actually playable :P Oh well, enjoy.


Ultimate guitar won't let me upload the GP4 and MIDI files on this post, but they can be found here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showpost.php?p=24923725&postcount=9 (:

Andre, Stars to Live By. Stars to Steer By. Stars to Die By.gp5
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Thx for takin the time and comment on my postpunk song.

anyways - first of all i gotta say I'm not a huge fan of Post-Hardcore , but this seems kinda cool to me.
i liked the melody in the intro which in general is a bit too chaotic for me but well.
The transition or .. kinda build-up thing with the pre-chorus fits well and plus, I am a big fan of the chorus. kinda reminded me of Story of the Year though, which is nothing bad cuz they rock.
Basically you did really really well on the transitions. the breakpart after Chorus 2 fits like perfectly, taking some speed off the song with an rather slow breakdown which would sound great with a clean vocal passage.
The only point I'd like to criticize is, that it gets a bit repetitive after the breakdown stuff but that might be different with vocals done over it.

good job all in all.
I think it's more akin to the new styles of Dance Gavin Dance and Closure to Moscow than the standard 3rd wave PHC.

I like that intro/verse quite a bit, with all the leads and whatnot. It's definitely my favorite part of the song.

Pre-Chorus, not liking the dropping of the beat. Fancy hi-hat work or tom rolls would work here.

Pedal point riff for the Chorus was very ambiguous for me however. Not really sure where I stand on those sections.

Final Chorus was good, even if the song did end just like your other song. At least in this situation, it was a helluva lot more appropriate. The context of song works well; the speedy first 2/3's of song against a crawling finale.
The transition to it is a bit awkward though. I think drawing out the rallentando instead of abruptly going into the next section would help.

I enjoyed this piece a lot more than The Lost Art Of Suffering (which I said I would crit like a month ago).
I think having more discernible leads has helped cut down on the murkiness of using interchangeable chordage to move your song.
What I mean by that is how each section just seems like an extension of the previous section instead of it's own contained section.
This mostly applies to your other piece, but I could see the Prechorus as falling under this designation.
Good song overall.
Thank you for the honest crits! They will be taken into consideration (: huevos, be sure to tell me if you have anything you want me to crit and I'll do it asap!