So I thought it would be a cool idea to do something like a settings thread, but for people with modeling amps, like Spiders and Vypyrs and such. So here is the idea. People list what amp they have, and tell what tone they are searching for. Then the good people here help by giving them specific settings for their amp. Now i would rather keep this to modeling amps, to which I would classify as some Vox amps, the Peavey Vypyr line, Line 6 Spider, Vetta, or any other modeller like that. Im also tempted to include the new Marshall amps that were just released. If someone wants to take over and run this, fine by me. I dont have a lot of internet access.

Rules- Be respectful. Thats just obvious but should be included.

If the settings provided arent the best, come back, state that, and im sure you will get help.

It will prolly help if you tell what guitar and pedals are available as well

Thats all I can think of. Now im starting of with a request. Could someone PLEASE post a good tone for Killswitch Engage type music? Im using a Peavey Vypyr 75, with a Schecter Damien 6. No pedals. Thanks and have fun in this thread

Tube amps are better...
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Here is a list of threads which are forbidden here.

The primary goals of this list are to keep GG&A uncluttered and to make things as efficient as possible for those looking for help.

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Settings threads:
Everyone's rig is different; everyone's ear is different. Settings that work for you do not work for the next person. Therefore, settings threads are not allowed as they are not productive. If you really think you need settings, use the Settings Thread

Just read the rules before posting.

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This isnt just a thread asking for settings. It is a thread where people with modeling amps can come, share their tones, and get help finding new tones they want. Its a variations on the settings thread, so i ask that it doesnt get closed. It would cut down on "how do i get this tone" threads somewhat. Plus there are a lot of people out there with modelling amps so I think this could help a lot of players here. Which is why I opened it
And yes, most people would prefer tube amps. However that isnt always an option for people where volume is an issue, so a lot of people use modeling amps to get a wide variety of tones for practice and writing.
There is already an Ultimate Settings thread.
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