I have a Behringer V-Ampire LX210 (I know, I know), and its been a great practice amp. But I've recently been experiencing problems with it. Here's whats happening:

I bought it used two years ago. About 6 mos ago, the sound began to mysteriously fade or dip at random times. I would play a chord, and the sound would immediately dive, then gradually fade back to normal. While on a clean channel, the sound would almost disappear, and on distorted channels the sound was significantly diminished. The problem occurred infrequently, and I ignored it. It seemed to help if I turned the amp off for a couple hours then came back to playing. This fading problem coincides with the addition of a few new guitars to my collection. One of them has particularly hot pickups, and I figured that the digital processor was being overloaded. But the fading continued to get more frequent, and happened with every guitar.

In the last 6 weeks the fading has become far more frequent. Every time I attempt to play, the sound fades and dips and usually doesnt come back to sounding normal. It really pisses me off every time I plug my guitar in.

I attempted to open up the amp and see if there was anything wrong. I removed the jack to tighten it, and I must have done something wrong with that because as soon as I put the whole thing back together and plugged in, there was a very loud popping sound and every note I attempted to play sounded like a hammer banging on a microphone. I assume I screwed up the jack wiring, but I think that can be fixed.

Does anyone have experience with this fading and dipping problem? Or maybe an idea of what causes it? Any help would be appreciated.
And please refrain from trash-talking Behringer, I've heard it all before. Thanks!!
Sounds like overheating transistors. Open her up again if you're comfortable with that, and see if anything looks burnt (or is smelly ).
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I kinda checked for that the first time I opened it up and didnt notice anything really obvious, but I guess it wouldnt hurt to look again.