So, I was just wondering if you could get the Fender Telecaster, the standard MIM one, in Butterscotch Blonde? And left handed, too XD

Same goes for the Epiphone Riviera and Casino.

I've been looking around but no luck thus far. Anyone able to help me?
I've not seen the MIM standard in that color but Fender makes an FSR ash body Tele in that color and it's only $100 more than a normal standard MIM. ( but it's right handed -_-)

EDIT: I just realized you asked for left handed. Damn you homework for zoning me out >.>

The only Butterscotch blonde Tele that's left handed I have seen lately is around the $2000 range....unless you went for a squire.
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You could always try doing what Hendrix did if you can't find the guitar you want in the right color. Buy a right-handed guitar and string it upside down. That allows you to play a right-handed guitar in the left-handed style.

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Get innovative, nigga.

That post made me lol XD

But I've heard a lot of problems can occur when performing the righty-lefty process, so to speak, such as intonation. Anyone able to clarify?
with a TOM, i can image you can have intonation problems, since the bridge is at an angle. other than that, there should be a problem.
being a lefty sucks eh?
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