I have a 7 month old Bugera 333xl 2x12 combo. It's a 120 watt high gain amp, It has a Low Gain and High Gain inputs, It's got 3 channels, clean crunch and lead. Crunch and lead channels have an XL button for a low midrange boost. It runs on x4 EL34 power tubes and x4 12AX7 pre-amp tubes.

It's an amazing amplifier, each channel has a 3 band EQ and a channel volume, there's a master presence, reverb (assignable to each channel with footswitch) and volume.

The clean channel produces prestine, sparkling clean tones, you can crank the channel volume to get some dirt out of it, but I use EMG humbuckers and I still get a crystal clear clean tone.
The crunch channel is somewhat of a Marshall-y tone, can go from a very mild overdrive to a screaming solo tone, very responsive EQ and gain controls.
The lead channel is where the amp comes alive, whether it's used as a heavy metal gain channel or just for solo-ing with alot of sustain it sounds really amazing. Again the EQ is extremely responsive.

It includes a footswitch to take you between the 3 channels, and switch your effect loop on/off. The effects loop have level controls for each input so you can taylor your effect exactly as you want them.

All in all its an amazing amplifier and a steal at 50% of retail price. I wouldn't even consider getting rid of it if I wasn't getting deeper into debt by the day haha.

The only problem with the amp is the high gain input jack is broken, you can still plug in and play through the input no problem, but the actual jack has fallen off the amp, would be a simple/cheap repair that I haven't got around to sorting yet.

You can contact me on 07837814988 or e-mail sdmf.1919@hotmail.co.uk , my name is David if you have any questions.

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