I needed a guitar display case a few years ago. I found one with this Washburn and decided to purchase it. I took the Washburn out (signed by O-Town lol) and put my other guitar in the case.

The sticker with the Model on the back is illegible.

I want to know what the model is so I can sell it. I thing it is an N1, but I am not possitive. I just want some confirmation before posting.

There are a couple different features on this guitar that I am not seeing on the images online. e.g. the black shape on the head of the guitar.

Any help is appreciated. The pics aren't great quality, but I hope they help ID.

I'm 99% sure that is an N1 model. http://musikaster.com/shop/popup_image.php/pID/93?osCsid=38953008f1b22516327e2243b0632e44

They look Identical.
And with that being singed by O-Town....You could probably sell that to a fan girl and get some money out of it.
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Yeah, I was pretty sure too. The only thing that throws me off is that black piece on the neck. I haven't seen any guitars with that.

The signatures are pretty jacked by now. I let my buddy use this guitar in a punk band for a while. We just think it is pretty funny to have it signed by them.