So this is the deal:

I put my Chicago Blues Box amp on Craigslist recently, looking for cash or trade for something different. And in Michigan's economy, no localers are looking to buy an amp of this caliber, so i've just been getting trade offers. Mostly terrible ones (A Twin Reverb reissue? Lolol. I just about died) until just a days ago.

Someone offered me a new Fender Vibroking (Newer handwired custom line). And I'm rather tempted to take the deal. It's a perfect value match, and i'm really digging the tones it gets from a Proguitarshop Youtube demo. So, youse guys think I should go through with it?

My CBB has a good amount of sentimental value, but i'm still not sure even though I do like the tones the VK gets.
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if it sounded as good in person as the clips, i'd go with the vibroking.
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I'd go for the Vibroking because it has amazing tone but I've never tried a Chicago Blues so my opinion is biased.

Try it out and if it sounds better then go for it.
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