Sorry to ask your help on a matter like this, but I have been given the assignment of:
Write an essay on a historical debate of your choosing, using your own sourced facts and arguments to support and construct a debate. The debate must span a period of one hundred years.

I would be doing this personal study for a year, so it needs to be something that would keep me interested! So far, I haven't really been able to think of anything that is really juicy and haven't been able to find a historical debate.

Hopefully you'll know of some decent debates I could score high marks on!
write on how you were debating on what to pick and that the historey is happening as we speak
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If you're American, you could do something on Federalism/nationalism versus states' rights. There's a whole shitload of stuff to think about from that.
Slavery strikes me as the easiest one. Argue for the reinstatement of it, just to keep things spicy.
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Sorry, I wasn't too precise. The debate has to consider a period of a hundred years (like somebody said, slavery) however I think our teacher isn't allowing slavery for some reason.

And I'm in the UK.
Try the free trade debate, you could get some decent stuff from that (Corn Laws, Adam Smith) or the suffrage debate of the 19th century (Reform Bills from 1832 to the 1920s, IIRC).

I'd recommend the suffrage.
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the hundred years war.

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the hundred years war.

it was actually 116 years.
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it was actually 116 years.

Operation Speedy Resolution, right?

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Well the Teutonic order was screwing with the pagan balts for over a hundred years if I recall, or atleast close to that. And they were using the "Christianize" pretext to rob lands, since the Grand Dukes of Lithuania had written letters to the pope saying that they want to convert into Christianity and would accept it, however the order only killed peeps and robbed lands there, they didn't care about christianizing it. Well that's how I recall it is, I'm not a great historian. That might spark some debate but I dunno.
Some great ideas guys! It's hard to pick a single one!

The subject I was going to look into was the formation of modern super-powers, however I couldn't really find a historical debate to do with that, hence why I made this thread!
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Oh, oh, oh! The decline of the Roman Empire after Marcus Aurelius died. Obviously 'x' years one side and 'y' years the other to make the comparison.
the history of chuck noris vs bruce lee...the battle has been going on for thousands of years
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the history of chuck noris vs bruce lee...the battle has been going on for thousands of years

Or Pirates vs Ninjas (vs Vikings now). The classic debate.
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no one calls it the "116 years' war".


I didn't say that anyone did, i was just stating a fact.

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I know the actual scramble didn't last 100 years, but you can cover the ensuing colonialism that lasted well into the 20th century.

I think he would have a problem stretching that to 100 years, since British imperialism basically died out post WWII. I mean, they still had colonies, but they were no longer actively seeking more territory, and (in some cases) were even passing over control to local governments.

EDIT: You could look at the period from like 1820ish until the Treaty of Versaille, which is when Britain basically ruled most of the world unopposed.

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EDIT: You could look at the period from like 1820ish until the Treaty of Versaille, which is when Britain basically ruled most of the world unopposed.

That's a good idea TS.

Maybe you can do something maybe on French Monarchy during The Renaissance-ish time period, and how the French Revolution abolished it maybe?
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'French assistance was necessary for the North American colonies to achieve independence.' Do you agree? Discuss.

That'll do you well.

EDIT: Misread. Um, 'what was the key cause for the quick collapse of the British empire?' might do. Not sure.
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Alright, so here's the latest.

I think I've decided on my TOPIC, which would be something to do with why the USA/USSR became superpowers after World War II, however I'm not exactly sure where the DEBATE is in this topic? Any suggestions are very welcome!

And thanks for your help so far, I've shown some of my friends this thread and they've started researching various strands that you've suggested!
How far was the English Civil war responsible in determining British dominance of the world until 1900? Or late 19th Century perhaps.

I could have worded it better, but it's a topic that has interested me greatly, the monarchy deposed, reinstated, a constitution drawn, great shift in ideals far before the rest of Europe, who were still under Absolute monarchies, aside from The Dutch, as far as I know.


^ Ah, bollocks, you've gone for 20th Century history. I'm truly overfed on history of that era now.
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