Im looking to get one,but I'm sure they have different sounds....I hate to sound like a noob,lol.

But Im looking for a sound like in the solo for Manson's Sweet Dreams cover. Now,I saw somewhere that John 5 used a Crybaby 95Q while with the band,so guess that would be what he used when touring and playing that song.

just any help would be great.
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Quote by forsaknazrael
Get that wah. it's not a particularly unique wah tone, tbh. you should be able to nail it with any wah with a thick sound.

yea,I've never really looked into all the different wahs before,mostly cause I wouldnt use them awhole lot in stuff I play.

So I had no idea if that tone was something generic or what,lol.
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If you are in the UK I am selling a fulltone clyde deluxe which will probably be the best wah you could get your hands on for the price.
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I second the 535Q option; I've always loved the old WH-10's, but something about the reissue just didn't snag me. I loved the 535Q when I tried though, enough so that I now own one.

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I would recommend a 535q as the others have. Personally I have a Bad Horsie 2, which I really love in standard wah mode. I just don't like the extra contour/level adjustment nearly as much as I like the adjustments of the 535q.