I'm fairly certain this is an appropriate section to put this thread.
Next year (or possibly the year after depending on how I go in school and with my musical learnings) I'm going to be applying for some form of music course at a university and the course that seems to be the one that I'm hoping to get on the most is a Foundation Degree in Professional Musicianship at the Bristol Institute of Modern Music.
Though the website isn't particularly helpful!
Well I know what I need to get (I'm fairly certain I'll end with my A-level result at roughly DD, minimum requirements being EE, but I think I'll be able to dazzle a bit more with my personal statement and whatnot) and I'm pretty certain I'm gonna be able to get everything I need by the time I apply (be it this year or next, this year's looking a bit risky now though).

But what my main worries are:

What's the interview like?
Like, the RNCM Session Musician foundation course gives details on what's on the audition (sight reading test, ouch!) and I'm just worried that I'll get in fine but then when I go to the audition they'll expect me to be...Guthrie Govan or something!
So a few details on how that goes would be nice.

Also, how "hard" is it to actually get in? Cos the requirements seem fairly simple, so do they have some real intricate screening process? Like will loads of people with grade 8 theory who have toured as a session musician for all their life and have their own signature Ibanez or osmething be applying?
Cos I'm worried that during this apparent stage of unis being impossible to get into I'm worried that being capable won't be enough.

This kind of applie to other music unis such as the aforementioned RNCM Session Musician found. course too, if anyone has any help for this sort of stuff at all it'd be great!

It's times like this I wish I could go to M.I
A couple of things are in your favour. As the newer BIMM (Brighton being older) the Bristol version is easier to get into.

The standard is high but what they look for at interview is potential. If you can prove that you can learn develop and most importantly LISTEN then you have a good chance. Academia is not so important, they have make up courses in basic theory etc which you can do.

So play well yes, but make sure you are the right sort of person - don't go in there thinking you are the greatest and that you know it all - surest way not to get a place.
Ah, thanks for your reply!

And don't worry I don't think I'm the greatest and that I know it all!
I've spent the past few months jumping in massive mood swings whether I should even bother with it cos I don't think I'll be able to hack it, so if anything I'll seem meek and over-modest when I interview, but of course that also wouldn't do me any favours so I need to work on that.

I'm currently focusing, with my practice, on developing my ear as well as my eyes (in writing, reading etc standard notation) so I should be alright with the listening part.

Not 100% sure on how I could prove that I can develop though =/

I'm thinking, assuming the audition has some kind of "play a piece to show your technique" sort of thing, that I'd pick a piece which was possibly something which featured an odd time signature or one which changed time sig at some point in the song, something which makes me look not only good in technique but something which shows I can do the more "Out there" stuff.