Looks like they pushed some info out on the new unit to surpass the X3 series.

HD 300, 400 and 500 appear to be the models.

16 amp models this time around. All of the tech has been redesigned from the ground up.

I heard the 400 model is going to be priced at $399, and if that's true, I don't see this as an equal/direct competitor to AxeFX, but at least a step in the right direction.

My guess is they took the M13 effects and slapped them into a unit with better amp modeling assuming they spent more time making fewer amp models great rather than make dozens and dozens of mediocre ones.

Anyone heard anything else regarding this? Line6 must have leaked some info through magazines or something, because the URL line6.com/podhd just lets you subscribe to updates with no information.
It's not meant to be a response to the AxeFX. A lot of people are going to make it out like that was Line6's intent, but they've actually been working on the HD's for quite a while now. From what I heard from a guy who actually works for Line6 and was part of the R&D for these, the HD's include the effects found in the M13 paired with new amp modeling. There will be 16 amp models. I don't think he was allowed to say more than that. Couldn't even mention what amps the new models are based on. I'd assume they're going to be modeled after the majority of sought-after amps from Mesa, Diezel, Marshall, Bogner, and the like...
hmm sounds interesting. this is the first i've heard about anything about it. how did you stumble upon the link? its not even advertised anywhere else on the site from what i can see.

EDIT: I'm guessing this is a rack unit?