Hi, so I was checking out craigslist yesterday, and I came across a 2005 MIM Stratocaster left handed for only 40 dollars. I'm thinking "man, this is too good to be true"

I was able to tell the guitar was beat up, it still looked halfway decent from the pictures, it's just missing volume and tone knobs. But then I start to wonder if it's actually a Fender MIM or a Squier MIM.

I don't care that the guitar is beat up (for 40 dollars, it's the least I can expect) but my only concern is if it's Squier or Fender. I'm pretty sure that Squier guitars were made in Mexico at one point in time (I think now it's Indonesia or something like that). But does anybody know for sure if this will be a Fender or a Squier guitar?


(side note: the ad said it was "drilled to be a right handed, but is back to left handed", does that mean he filed the nut or something?)
closeup of the headstock would be nice
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what's so important about serial number?

You can run the serial number and see if it is authentic.
He’s made it clear that the guitar is beat to hell and has been modded and restored to a semi-stock state. My guess is that he’s tried to sell it before and had no luck because people in Detroit don’t have money to blow on the remains of a guitar.
Meh, I decided that I would call the guy and turns out he sold it a few days ago.

Now that I think about it, I'm kinda glad because I'll probably (hopefully) find something better somewhere else.