Hello there UGists.

I'm running a Fender '57 Strat through a Dunlop Classic Wah, on to a Big Muff Pi and finally a Hardwire Digitech delay into a Marshall JCM2000 tube amp.

When I use the wah pedal my volume seems to go over the setting that's set on the amp (especially when the wah is pressed all the way down) and that's really annoying. This keeps happening no matter if distortion/muff is on. So is my wah faulty or is this just normal?

Do compressors level all the variations in sound, so that the final output is "stable" ?
Thanks in advance!
I'm pretty sure wah pedals add +10dB, don't quote me on that, but I think I read it in their manual.

This is good because it helps is cut through mix when playing live with a band.

But if you don't want this, then a compressor placed after the wah will cut the boost.
I get the same thing with my wah, and a compressor right after it solves it no problem. I also like the sound of the wah when it's running through my comp more... I guess it's more "funky"
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a compressor helps, but it`s worth remembering that wah peadals have a gain structure which account for the volume differences, most wah`s will suck your tone too