Hello to all, I was looking at a Fender Jaguar, and really liked the way it played, and Im petty sure it was due to the shorter scale length( I have short stubby fingers).

My question is does a short scale neck (like what the jag has on it) have a big impact on tone, say like the jags 23 1/2 inch neck verses a 24 3/4 inch strat neck on the guitar, or is it mostly playablity that is the biggest difference.

A Jaguar is capable of good tone as-is. You'll have more tonal variation with the amplifiers and pedals you use than just looking at the pickups and scale alone.

I didn't realize a Jag was a 23.5" scale, but I do notice a difference is on barre chords past the 7th fret. I have large fingers and they get clumped together pretty tight on a Jag down there. Another factor is that your pinky finger has to get used to hammering closer toward the nut side of the fret as the fret spacing decreases. Your muscle memory will have you hammering right on top of the fret if you don't pay attention. This is more noticeable if you're transitioning from a standard Fender (like a Strat or Tele) than will be the case with a 24.75" Gibson scale.
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