Hey there.

I was wondering what pick-ups you guys would recommend for a H-S-S guitar (no active pick-ups). I play Metal, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, stuff along those lines.
I have a guitar that's equipped with SD JB and SD Jazz (very nice), so I was thinking about trying some other pick-ups this time. I don't have a specific budged, if that matters.

All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
maybe something from bareknuckle, perhaps painkiller in the bridge since you mentioned judas priest :P
Bare Knuckle offers 2 HSS sets, I'd go with a Nailbomb/2 Irish Tours or Miracle Man/2 Trilogy Suite set.
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yeah, i can vouch for bareknuckle.
i have a ceramic warpig in the bridge of my homemade guitar and it sounds pretty beast
Another Bareknuckle vote here. They're pricey, but my word they sound great. I've got a C-Warpig and a Trilogy Suite in an RG and they're brilliant. Going to order some Nailbombs for my other RG when I have some cash together.

They only list a couple of sets on their site, but I'm sure if you email Tim he'll recommend something good.
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If Bareknuckles are too much for you, maybe you could go with like a Custom 5 in the bridge, a mini '59 in the middle and a Hot Rails in the neck?

Tap/split the bridge, too.
I was thinking about going for true single-coils rather then single-coil sized humbuckers. But thanks for the input. I'll check out the custom 5.