First of all thank you very much for the kind and thorough review of my song.

Now on to your recording. Very very well played. Great clear tone played confidently. Ironically, I liked that you forgot to mute the metronome gave it a nice pulse. I really can't think of much to improve it as a solo guitar instrumental. I'd like to hear what you could do with it orchestrated for a full band though.

All that being said would you mind posting a copy of your tab/sheet music for it. I like to do some acoustic instrumentals and wouldn't mind learning this.

Great Work!
Fantastic, just great man! I did not expect this and I've fallen in love with it :P I've listened to it about twice now, the metronome gave it a nice feel to it. The guitar playing, man, just flawless. I loved it. No complaints what so ever. GREAT JOB! thanks for checking out my stuff bro! Rock on!