Hey guys! Here is my new song, it's pretty weird. Not the stuff I usually do but I love this song. This could greatly benefit with vocals, I've recorded a version with me singing on it but it's incredibly shameful, if anyone wants to sing on it let me know! Also C4C Rock on guys!

I like it. It's a sort of tame hardcore rock if you know what I mean (not sure that I do). How many guitars are there?
Loving the solo and the tone it has, nice and imaginative. The last 30 seconds or so finish off the song nicely. I can imagine the lyrics being quite slow and powerful, slightly lostprophets-sy maybe. I'd be interested to hear a version with the lyrics.
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Well I'll tell you now, I'm not a fucking hyperbole.

It is kind of weird, but not too weird. In parts, it reminds me of The Cure (this is a compliment). Guitar playing is very good & the tones/audio quality are good too. Lead guitar sounds good, but a little loud in my opinion. Otherwise, all of the audio quality is quite good! Drums sound good! Electric bass & electric trout are good also. Some good vocals wouldn't hurt, but it sounds rather good as is. Keep rockin' man!
I really like this song. I actually think it works just fine without vocals. I can't really find anything to crit about this song since I think it sounds perfect the way it is. I would actually prefer if you kept it as a instrumental.
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Fenhemn: Thank you bro for the review! Haha, there are only two guitars playing for the whole song except at the solo there are three, including the lead. Haha, I have a version recorded with vocals but it's sooo bad :P but the lyrics are slow and a bit dreamy, I wrote them about getting to outer space as a euphemism of escaping from the grips of a conventional household. Something like that :P

Aaron Aardvark: Thank's for the review man and compliments. I'll see if I can do anything about the lead. Haha, I have a version recorded with vocals but it suckks :P

Frog_Friend: Thank you for the reviw and compliments bro!
listening to it atm
my fav part so far is 0.44-1.05 at that moment there was this short rest i think which didnt sound really good but still the two guitars work well
the solo is cool. may be add some delay for more atmospheric feel?? would wake it waaay better. and may be fade the guitar out.. when you just slide the guitar off like and mute it... do a bit of fade out so it's more smooth
the wah part was also cool

so... i demand Delay!! please
and may be you know teh right speaker guitar was a bit mmm too high?? may be play it an octave below? would make it sound more full

anyways nice piece man, keep rockin

mind criting mine?? (btw everybody's welcome.. C4C)
You chose a good person for weird music, I write orchestral techno rock primariily

I'm liking the mixture of tones here. Timing was off in some places (notably after the first little stop), but that's alright, I guess. The song really seems to flow quite well; vocals would make it more interesting, but it has a nice background music feel as an instrumental. The first solo comes in and the tone clashes a little, but it blends better as it goes on. Really like the overall mood of it at the ending, kind of creepy. Well done.
vigenharutyunya: Thanks for the comments and review bro! I'll use your advise

-Blue-: Thanks for the review bro, I do have a version with vocals and it would sound better if my voice wasn't so bad :P that's why I'm looking for a vocalist but yeah you're right, vocals would and do make it sound more interesting.
I really dig the effects on the guitars. Really add a lot to overall vibe of the song. There were parts where the drum tone was iffy. Like around 3:16. Maybe it's just personal preference but to me the bass drum sounded bad here. Like it was too loud and a little distorted. Maybe it's just me who knows

I really like the song, though. It's damn good. Wouldn't really change much. Keep up the good work.
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the days go so slow
Awesome sound. Could make a great ballad. I agree vocals would make it much more sad WHICH IS GOOD!!!
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Just listening just now and it's class!! The mix is great and i love the texture of the sounds, really nice tones. It doesn't get boring even without vocals although vocals would fit well into it. The solo is really good aswell, nice playing.
Well done!
Crit on your profile. Thanks for checking out my stuff.
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I just woke up and this is a good listen, Nice and vibrent for my fresh ears, I think ill smoke a joint, and listen again. Exelent solo.
I like it. It's a sort of tame hardcore rock if you know what I mean (not sure that I do). How
I like it, sounds very good. Reminds me of early lost prophets. Awesome guitar solo and guitar tone. Good phrasing and playing and the song ends very nicely. Good stuff
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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Critique as I go:

It starts off rather quickly. I'm liking the sound of the mix as a whole right now. Some of the lead guitar notes seem a bit off. I know there is delay but it just sounds like its not in time completely.

I like that the bass is really audible in the mix, but not annoyingly so.

At 40 seconds I like the direction the riffs go. Definitely better than the music up to that point.

At 1:05 you're kind of starting to lose me as I feel this song is lacking purpose. So many of these riffs are coming at bullet speed without any real intention it feels.

1:40 I really am enjoying this riff. The bass is pretty sick here as well.

The chords used in what I presume is the chorus feel pretty bland in relation to the rest of the song which seems a lot more complex than that chord progression. In addition, I would consider adding another layer of the chord guitar to add more fullness to the dynamics.

Now when the solo comes in I feel like this entire piece was written for the purpose of the solo. It is fairly enjoyable. Some of your phrasing it pretty enjoyable, but as it comes to a close I feel like it is lacking.

The bridge after the solo (I presume) is enjoyable. I like how it builds up into a pretty crazy wah solo. The beat on the outro is very nice, and the outro guitar is equally nice.

Overall I am not going to say it is a bad song by any means, it just seems to be lacking structure and too many of the riffs are being thrown in there very quickly. As a vocalist myself I would be concerned with how to find a discernible vocal melody amidst all of the mayhem. I'm tempted to say you may as well just rework this and make it a more intense solo piece. Additionally, a big thing you need to do is redo some of the guitars as a lot of the timing is off, even in some cases by a slight moment which inevitably lends itself to me feeling like the flow of the song is non-existent.

Technically speaking, the mix is pretty fantastic as is all the tones on the guitars/bass. I especially love that bass.

You got a decent piece on your hands and a bit more work will probably make this a lot better!
Nice sounding piece you've got here. The riff starting at 00:39 is especially cool. I can definitely picture this with some smooth mellow sounding vocalist doing his/her thing over this. The solo brings the song up a level, and I especially like the way the song is brought up again at about 3:39. Overall - good job man

care to crit mine?
First of all thank you very much for the great review of my song. Now for yours:

At the very beginning of the song I'd like to hear a slightly longer drum intro like 4 quarter notes then the half on the snare leading in to the guitar part. It seems it would feel a bit more fluent.

At :40 seconds the transition is a little abrupt it lacks anything introducing it thought the intended vocals might very well help with this.

At 1:05 the guitar doesn't quite come in smoothly.

At 1:40ish the same transition as a :40 occurs. Again I think the vocals would smooth it out.

At 2:00 some really good tension starting to build here.

At 2:44 I just messed my pants. Solo comes in great and is phenomenal through out! My screen saver happened to kick on when this started and it's moving stars. Killer effect considering what the song is about.

Second solo is great as well love the wah. Couldn't help but head bang a little.

The outro is good, but that second solo was so great I almost wish you had just hit a really big note at the end of it and held it while you reveled in your glory.

Love the drums through out. A little electronic sounding but I love it. All of the riffs stand well on there own and the layered guitars sound great. I'd love to hear it with a really well composed vocal line over it to smooth out those couple transitions. I could really hear it with a good female vocalist if you can find one. Excellent song overall! Keep up the great song writing and playing!
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Right off the bat, it reminds me of an early Modest Mouse song with more of a rock influence, and coming from me that's a compliment. I liked how you changed it up a little at about a 1:10 because it keeps it from getting stale, although I felt it was a little rough and could have been smoother. Listening to it now, it reminds me of Modest Mouse meets Radiohead, which is still a compliment. Cool guitar solo. And the breakdown at 3:20 was done quite smoothly, but the following part comes in pretty rough, though it leads into a really awesome climax. And the transition to the end is nice. My only advice for this one would be to work on your transitions. And I'd totally agree that vocals would do this song well. Overall, 7.7 out of 10.
I really enjoy this piece. It has a nice mellow feel and the effects on the guitar add to the song as a whole. It has a good vibe to it. Vocals would add a nice touch as well. I really enjoyed when the solo kicked in and the transition out was good as well. It's definitely a solid song with or without vocals.
I dig this a LOT. It sounds like Shadows Between the Sky / Diamond in the Rough style Buckethead. You are channeling him SO well. The aimlessness of the beginning is really neat; it seems very loosely composed until you begin to hear the track work with each other leading up to :40. And the solo is mighty tasty. Very cool. Only thing I could ask for is a bit nicer sounding drumming.
Nice, I like this song alot, it's very peaceful. Only problem I see right now is the guitars are a little low in the mix and the drums are pretty loud, but they seem to be sitting in the mix very well, so just raise the guitars a bit and we won't have to listen so hard to hear you playing.

The solo is awesome, nice fuzzy tone.

Crit mine?
I really like the intro, it sounds really layered and peaceful. However, the change around 1:07 or so kinda caught me off guard. It needs some work. However the transition at 1:44 sounded good. Sometimes the two guitar parts kinda bounce off each other which isnt good, and that makes it sound a little sloppy. The solo sounds really good, it definitely fits the mood, but I personally would have chosen a different tone. Again, the transition at 3:35 or so is pretty sloppy.

However, I can forgive those few things because the song itself is great. Reminds me of a Buckethead tune (which is good).

Thanks for your crit on my work!
Thanks for the crit

Nebula really sounds like a very textured bouncy tune. Maybe it's the title of the song that influenced how I listened to the song itself, but it is quite relaxing. I liking the light to heavy transition into the guitar solo. I quite like the bit that starts at 0:40 and the rest of the times you repeat it throughout the song. The guitar solo coming in for me is really the uplifting part of the song. You really upped the intensity with that transition into the solo. Great tune!
really nice man ! you've got an original feel there, you are not copying or following anything and that is awesome!
The transitions could use some work, but overall it's a nice composition ! The sound quality is good, the riff are nice and well-thought. But for the solo, it was good, but ended too soon. The last was for me was building into something that wasn't there (unfortunately). Think the last part of Sweet Child O' Mine's solo but maybe not as crazy.
Listening right now. I'm enjoying this. Feels rather original. I ike the drums, though I think you should consider lowering the volume on the cymbals, and maybe adding more fills and variations.

The delay on the guitar is very cool. Like the way you built soundscapes with pretty much only the guitar. As you said, though, it'd benefit from vocals. Also, I'd consider lowering the volume of the bass - the bass is good, but it gets kinda' overpowering here and there. I like the solo, very emotional.

Please crit my songs at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1362959

Also, while I'm by no means a great vocalist, I could always try doing some vocals over it. Listen to my songs, and tell me if you think it's worth a shot.