Need to re-tube my Laney TT50H! Itl be my first time buying and fitting tubes (im getting a guitar techy friend to help so i dont **** it up!) and i just wondered on tips for buying for the best sets to go together.

Its the Laney TT50 head, and it takes:

Preamp Valves 6 x Premium ECC83
Output Valves 2 x Premium EL34

Any ideas what would be good tubes to go for, as i think only one of the output ones has gone, but i want to replace them both. But was curious if a different company made tube would compete with the current preamp vavles? Im a gear-tard so go easy on me!

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Oh! I also dont want to spend hefty amounts on the top top tubes, as this isnt my main amp; my ENGL Powerball is!
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Get in touch with doug. The guy knows his shit.

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I'd advise Tung-Sol, I was in same situation as you a month ago and with for those. Sounds awesome, it won't quite bring the brootz like for example JJ tubes but even so they can get quite heavy and in my opinion sound tonally allot better.
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Awesome I dont need anything super-gain heavy too, more like a Iron Maiden/Gilbert-esque style. The TT is for more like...rock/heavy AOR style stuff !

Just having a nose through Doug's Site at the moment
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