one of the least serious songs on my mixtape. started out as a basic freestyle. hasnt really evolved much. please listen to is here to get a better idea:

if you like it dont be afraid to download.

called my shots a few snows ago
and i'm not saying that you're slow bro
but that armor has got to go go
cause that shit weighs you down yo
see you floundering and drown slow
trying to bring up the noise in the hometown crowd

and your rhymes are incandescent
to my burning florescent
and the fires i'm lighting up under your feet
faster than girls in the afterparty cling to my knees
well i'm begging you please
don't let these words come between these two brothers
me older, you younger, don't mean to smother
but i'm begging you please
don't make me ask the audience to demonstrate
whose the better MC (I am clearly the better mc)

cause i got
exquisite taste
lingering in wait
like water through a grate
words flowing straight
not bottled up in hate
like you degenarate
coming in late
telling your girl you werent on another date
well i know the truth and will preach it to the sky
you're gonna die and i'm never gonna die
you're gonna fry belly up in the afterbirth the world spit you out in,
dry belly down in the pit the world will bury you in
but i promise i'll be the one to carry you in
cause i am your kin
even if you aint shit
scary, aint it

you drink like a sailor
but not like a hero
you inject like a junkie
but not a survivor
got a few choice words to say to you brother
few more basic bases to cover

we used to go out with the same girl
once told us we were her whole world
when push came to shove she grabbed a gun
shot your heart while she kept me slick
ended it quick when she said that she loved me
turns out the girl you wanted to spend your life with
isnt even good enough for me