Hey guys, I need a new amp for small gigs for music from hard rock all the way to metalcore (killswitch engage). My budget is from $300-$400, i could maybe extend it to above $400, like $450. I was thinking of going for the Peavey Vypyr 75. Although it's solid state, I've played it and think the distortion is pretty good on it, and it will give me a range of tones. Also, it'll be loud enough for gigging. That plus the sanpera pedal will run me $400.

My second option is to look for a nice used tube amp. These are some of the ones ive been looking at:
Peavey 5150
Egnater Tweaker
Peavey Vypyr Tube
any more suggestion? im hoping I can find one used within my budget. are all these good for the styles I play? Should I either bother looking used or just get the Vypyr?

So, my main question is, is it really necessary that I go for a tube amp (will my tone be that much better) or should i go with the Peavey Vypyr 75. It seems like the Vypyr will give me a better range of tones and it will be easier to buy and less of a hassle cuz im buying it new. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Look for a used 5150/6505.. You see them range from $300-$700 a lot on CraigsList.

If you really have no experience with tube vs. solid state, you might not even really know/hear the difference. It's basically just a more "organic" sound, better to the ears, as opposed to a solid state amplifier.

There's nothing wrong with solid states, there's plenty of good ones out there. Most just prefer tube "warmth" and whatnot to solid states.. I do too